Securing long-term sustainability of investments.




The aims of the Bank are:-

  • To ensure that individuals, businesses and institutions in the catchment area have access to finance and other technical services they need to grow their businesses and achieve their goals in life.
  • Specifically, the aim of the bank includes among others:
  • To encourage thrift through savings on regular basis to build a pool of fund to promote economic growth and development.
  • To create a source of credit for the benefit of the people at fair and reasonable interest rate.
  • To educate people to use money wisely and manage their limited resource efficiently.
  • To promote the welfare of the community within which the bank operate.

The objective of the bank is to provide efficient and effective financial and non financial inclusive services to its clients to manage their risk: acquire assets and reduce vulnerability. The strategic vision of the Bank have been grouped under four thematic areas as follows:


Improving Operational Excellence

  • To attract, recruit and retain highly qualified and skilled young and dynamic professional and administrative staff, especially female gender.
  • To improve professional and academic competencies of staff through staff training and development.
  • To improve the level of relevant research in the field of rural banking and microfinance.
  • Initiating Innovative Products
  • To increase the bank’s responsiveness to the changing client behaviour towards loan repayment; savings, investment and wealth creation.
  • To assume greater responsibility for the training of staff members, clients, members and other stakeholders in other to improve their business performance so as to enhance their cash flow, savings mobilization and loan recovery.

Addressing Imbalances in rural banking and Microfinance Provision

  • To increase access to savings, investment and microfinance products for SME especially female entrepreneurs.
  • To increase access to short term credit for salary workers to meet their short term obligations.
  • To expand capacity for clients technical and financial skill development.

Ensuring Operational/Financial Self-Sufficiency

  • To raise funds to support the Banks’ operations in other to sustain the wealth of the stakeholders involve.
  • To ensure proper controls and systems are in place to detect and prevent fraud and instill confidence in the system and the community we serve.