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We have instituted an annual health screening scheme to help improve the health status of the members of the operating communities in the Ashanti region and beyond. We have over the years three(3) years screened over one thousand members of the public in various clinical diseases including Diabetes, Prostrates Cancer, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Pediatrics and child care. The screening is done on 1st May of every year and it is absolutely free of charge. At the end of the screening beneficiaries are given medications also for free. 


Free Medical Screening for Local Communities
As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Yaa Asantewaa Bank is investing in the health and other social activities within its operational catchment.

For the second year running, the bank held its annual health outreach in the Ejisu and Atonsu communities to commemorate the 2014 May Day.

Over 800 residents benefitted from the free medical outreach program – men, women and children in the local communities were screened for some chronic, lifestyle and infectious diseases.

“So far we are coming up with people who never knew they were diabetic but now because of the fact that we did the sugar screening and they are high, we are referring them to go for further investigations to confirm their diabetic status,” observed Dr. Frank Nketia-Boakye, medical team leader.

He has emphasized the need for the Ghanaian adult population to go for regular screening of chronic diseases, especially hepatitis, hypertension and diabetes.

Early medication attention, he believes, will save lots of lives from such conditions.

Mr. Samuel Addo Otoo who is the Board Chairman of the Bank is enjoining other financial institutions to join forces in such community health exercises to impact on the lives of local people.

“Rural banking is a community-based venture to help the people improve their total lives, not just in terms of monetary and it is said that you can only go about your normal business when you are healthy. So I’ll encourage other banks to come on board to support the project,” he said
The 2012 ARB- Apex Bank Report on the performance of rural and community banks shows that Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank was the best (1st ) out of 133 rural and community banks in Ghana in terms of capital adequacy. The bank’s capital adequacy was 71.4% as at 31st December 2012; the 13th and 3rd largest rural and community bank in Ghana and Ashanti Region respectively in terms of paid-up share capital.

Community Empowerment through Sports
Sporting activities are often used as tools for social integration, social cohesion and peace building processes in communities, irrespective of cultural, religious or political background of residents.

The Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank however wants to harness the power of sports to positively engage local communities to be economically empowered for sustainable development.

The bank has instituted an annual sports competition for some communities in the Ashanti region to help people to transform their communities through socially-inclusive economic ventures.

Board Chairman, Samuel Addo Otoo says the bank is inspired by the prowess of the legendary Yaa Asantewaa “who achieved all that she did, not only because she was a queen mother or a brave woman but because she was also healthy; at the moment we’re not dealing with colonial masters but the major issue is with poverty and we believe a healthy person can save more”.

Sixteen communities in the Ejisu traditional area participated in the three-day Easter Football Gala, whilst ten other localities in the Atwima Nwabiagya District engaged in a variety of indoor games and track events including sack race, tug-of-peace, draft, Ludo and Oware.

The competition was under the theme: “A Healthy Person Saves Even More Income”. Participating communities learnt the important life skills including leadership, teamwork, respecting rules, discipline and perseverance.

According to Mr. Otoo, sports is an important platform for awareness creation on the importance of unity to pool resources for wealth creation and to gain financial independence.

People in the Atwima Nwabiagya district, for instance, are being supported to establish the Atwima Co-operative Credit Union to create employment, ease access to business finance and mobilize resources to build a health facility for the community.

“The sporting activities are therefore aimed at supporting communities to live healthy lifestyles to reduce their medical bills, improve surplus income and channel resources to Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank; we have various products and accounts that they can put their money in towards their future development and personal life goals”, noted Mr. Otoo.

The Ejisu tournament was won by Ampabame All Stars who beat Ejisu Warriors in a 6:5 penalty shootout. Finalists took home cash rewards.

Ejisumanhene, Nana Afranie Okesse IV, who presented the trophy to the winning team, was excited at the outcome of the event.

He announced plans to organize similar sporting event for institutions and professions in the Ejisu Municipality on May 1


Free Health Screening for Communities
In the heat of the ongoing strike by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), residents of Ejisu Municipality in Ashanti had an opportunity to benefit from a free medical outreach program.

About 300 men, women and children in the local communities received attention for minor medical cases and also accessed some pharmaceutical products.

The health support program was initiated by the Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank in collaboration with the Ejisu Traditional Council, to commemorate the 2013 May Day.

Specialists from the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and Ejisu Government Hospital were present to offer checks for diabetics, cholesterol level, breast cancer, blood pressure, sight, among other ailments.

According to Dr. Frank Nketia-Boakye, who led the medical team, about 15 percent of the adult population screened suffered chronic diseases – hypertension and diabetes.

He observed that most patients were unaware of their conditions because “people don’t usually undergo regular medical screening as part of our culture”.

He has, however, called for a change in the practice, emphasizing that quarterly check-up for medical status would promote good health.

The May Day event included sporting activities, targeting corporate institutions, professional bodies and the working populace within the Ejisu Municipality.

It kicked off with a health walk involving the Ejisumanhene, Oguakro Afranie Okesse IV, Municipal Chief Executive, Municipal Police Commander and other heads of institutions.

The theme was: “Healthy Living; a Key to Financial Independence”.

Board Chairman of Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank, Samuel Otoo, emphasized the bank’s focus on health and sports as part of its corporate social responsibility projects to contribute towards the upliftment and development of the community.

“We need to impact on society no matter how many years we’ve been in existence; it depends on the vision and the goals that you want to achieve”, he stated. “We believe that when the people in the catchment area are healthy, they’ll spend much less on medical bills, and also; they’ll be able to focus on their savings, to improve their lives”.

The objective of the events, Mr. Otoo noted, is to build a healthy workforce as well as offer a platform for socialization for good community living.

The Yaa Asantewaa Rural bank plans to undertake regular health screening exercises to keep the local communities in good health.