Promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty in Ghana.


  1. Accounts holders shall be individuals, sole proprietorships, joint, clubs, associations, churches, schools, groups, partnerships and or corporate organization with corporate office in Ghana and registered or existing under the laws of Ghana.


  1. Salaried workers shall be required to present an introduction letter from their employers before account can be opened.


  1. Clubs, groups, societies, cooperatives and associations shall be required to submit constitution and where possible certificate of registration from the appropriate government agency.


  1. Corporate clients shall be required to submit details of the certificate of incorporation, certificate to commence business and company regulation documents for authentication and verification of the principal officers of the company and the nature of the business.


  1. A prospective customer will be required to complete a signature card and KYC forms and append a recent colour passport size photograph and in addition submit a valid national identity card and a proof of residence.


  1. The customer shall be issued with a MICR cheque book, cheque and cash pay-in books and an account number.


  1. The bank shall not charge C.O.T (Commission on Turnover) but charge only account maintenance fees which shall be fixed for a fixed period.


  1. A statement of account shall be sent to customers monthly.


  1. A current account can be used for overdraft facility depending upon operations and eligibility.