Securing long-term sustainability of investments.


  1. This is a fixed period savings for One month (31days ), Three Months (91 Days), Six Months (182 Days) and Twelve Months (1 years fixed note).


  1. A fixed deposit account shall attract interest rate higher than savings account.


  1. Management shall determine attractive and competitive interest rates (subject to review) for each specific period of deposit and displayed on notice board.


  1. A minimum amount of One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHs100.00) shall be accepted and any other deposit above the minimum shall be in multiples of Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHs50.00).


  1. A certificate shall be issued to the customer specifying date of purchase, expiry date, interest rate, amount of deposit and duly signed by the Manager and Accountant.


  1. Both customers and non-customers are eligible to invest in Fixed Deposit.


  1. Interest shall be paid on maturity of the deposit only. Interest rate shall be either fixed as agreed with client or floating rate subject to the prevailing treasury bill rate plus or minus an agreed basis points.


  1. Customers shall have the option to rollover or redeem the investment after maturity.


  1. Where a customer intends to rollover an investment, he or she shall present the original certificate for a new expiry date and the account updated.


  1. Where a customer opts for redemption, the certificate shall be surrendered to the bank and investment redeemed.


  1. Rediscount or withdrawal shall be permitted before the expiry date of an investment at a minimal fee as agreed with the investor at the time of investment booking.