• Providing Financial Support

    We give people the financial support they need to support their businesses. more



We are building the next generation of Village Banking institutions (VBI):


  • Since 2012, we have channeled our efforts and activities to helping smaller communities achieve greater scale, sustainability and efficiency;

  • Helping communities set up their own VBIs and expand their products and services to address their clients’ full range of needs;

  • Focusing on rural, peri-urban areas which are under-served communities and villages through village banking services and products;

  • We are pushing the frontiers of financial inclusion beyond microfinance;

  • Accelerating the development of new business models, technologies and channels; and Providing seed funding and assistance for promising start-ups and adjacent technologies through impact investment initiatives;

  • We are helping to build a strong financial inclusion industry with high standards and broad engagement;

  • Redoubling industry commitment to consumer protection through the Smart Campaign;

  • Providing platforms for industry collaboration, through community meeting with opinion leaders, traditional rulers and other socio-economic working groups and individuals in the communities we operates;

  • Promoting consumer protection, transparency, and social-performance measurement by working on initiatives such as the Social Performance Tracking Force, Microfinance Transparency, and others.