Securing long-term sustainability of investments.



We offer a range of innovative products and services to meet our customers specification and needs based on their current financial resources and future financial needs. As one goes through life, ones financial needs and priorities changes. We have various products and services at every stage to support you.


  • Personal Savings Accounts: We offer wide choices of innovative savings accounts and complementary range of products and other banking services to suit your financial resources and needs with the aim to helping you reduce vulnerability and acquire assets. We also have special savings accounts aimed at helping our clients to save towards contingency and development agenda.
  • Personal Loans: We also help our clients make the most of life’s experiences and opportunities as and when necessary with soft loans and advances especially when they have contingent liquidity issues. Social loans for funerals and wedding and other life peril events are also provided at affordable and competitive rates.
  • Personal Mortgage Loan: Whatever level you are operating on the property ladder, we can help you build or acquire an affordable living accommodation.
  • We also help you take advantage of expert advice on how to preserve and enhance your wealth through our dedicated portfolio and fund management services.