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  1. To open account with the bank, a customer must be 18 years or  above and a resident in Ghana with valid permit to reside in Ghana.


  1. A prospective customer will be required to complete a signature card, KYC forms and append a recent colour passport size photograph with a valid national identity card and a proof of residence.


  1. A savings Passbook with identification number shall be issued to the customer which shall be presented whenever a customer transacts business with the bank.


  1. Interest at competitive rate per annum shall be paid semi-annually on a minimum balance required to benefit within the period.


  1. The interest rate to be applied and the minimum balance to qualify for interest shall be determined by management subject to revision when necessary after adequate notice has been given.


  1. Interest calculation and application shall be done at the last working day of March, June, September and December each year.


  1. Interest on deposit liabilities shall however be provided for in the first two months before the end of each quarter to be reserved in the month ending the quarter.


  1. Withdrawal frequency shall be thrice a week but emergencies shall be considered.