Promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty in Ghana.




  1. Applicants should be in active business.
  2. Applicants should operate Susu Savings Account for at least three (3) months before eligible for loan.
  3. Each applicant shall be assessed on his/her own merit based on cash flow.
  4. Applicants shall be assessed for credit by the Bank’s Credit Officer


  1. Applicants shall contribute towards the provision of cash lien against the loan amount in his/her Savings Account as Security against the loan in the event of default.
  2. Applicant shall provide at least one (1) person in good standing as a personal guarantor.
  3. Applicants shall provide one recent passport-size photograph
  4. Passport-size photograph shall be produced by the Guarantor.
  5. The Identification Card of the Guarantor should be required.


  1. Loan repayment shall be on daily, weekly and  monthly installment basis or as determined between the parties depending on the cashflow of the sources of repayment and nature of the business.
  2. There would be moratorium (grace period) on monthly loan repayments depending on the nature of the clients business, cash flow patterns and the size of the loan.
  3. Loan duration shall be up to six (6) months.
  4. Applicants shall make a daily contribution towards loan repayment
  5. Until the loan is fully paid the applicant should continue to operate the Susu Savings Account.


  1. An attractive interest rate per annum shall be charged agreed upon and charged on the loan.
  2. A commitment fee shall also charged on the loan to cater for insurance again permanent disability and loss of life but not against willful default.